Are you looking for a way to Get your GMB Verified Easily?

You have come to the right place.

We could verify your GMB without the usual hassle of any postcard verification process.

No need to Verify

You need not receive any postcard for the GMB verification process and we would be handling it all.

No need to Attend Calls

You wont have to attend or talk to any Google representative to verify the GMB.

No Address Required

You wont even need to provide any physical address. We can verify any location.

A Single Verified GMB is Capable of bringing you many Local leads.

We have been in this GMB business for 7+ years, ranking and verifying GMB for many local businesses improving their lead quality. One single GMB that is well established is capable of making its owner atleast $500 a month.

Are you looking for a non-saturated yet highly profitable business model to make money with?

Are you looking for a reasonably priced yet effective service that can get you an unlimited amount of FULLY VERIFIED GMB (Google My Business) Listings in different geographic locations?

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Not quite sure yet?

Let’s say you found a plumbing offer on a PPL network, are a plumber yourself or are going to hunt down plumbers who you’re going to sell those leads to.

You get GMB listings for the business category “plumber”, do some optimizations and start driving leads to the PPL network or clients. Any time you generate a valid phone call – BOOM, you get paid a nice commission!

You may be asking: how do I make money with GMB listings?

Here’s how you can generate serious, recurring monthly revenue from GMB listings:

1. You promote a PPL (Pay Per Lead) offer from a Pay Per Call network on your GMB listing. PPL is a form of CPA Marketing or Performance Marketing. A PPL offer is an offer that pays you money for every phone call generated. Depending on the vertical, PPL payouts vary from $5 all the way up to $ 200+. It’s kind of similar to CPA Marketing where you get paid for every conversion generate — instead, you get paid for every valid phone call that you generate... There are several PPL networks carrying hundreds of different offers for the US.

2. You promote your own business on your GMB listings. This option is a great traffic catalyst in case you’re wanting to generate more leads for your business, locally. If you happen to be a business owner who serves clients all over the country— this will expand your reach and sales by a lot! Think about the amount of new business you will generate once you start getting daily phone calls.

3. You start your own lead generation business. You can have as many GMBS in as many categories as you want to offer PPL services to businesses in your desired geographic locations. Similar to running offers from PPL networks, you charge your clients (local businesses) for every lead (phone call) that you generate for them. This is an entirely new but very lucrative business model that is not being used by many internet marketers.

I don’t just want you to buy GMBS from me without having a solid business model in place. I want you to succeed.

Either of the above options represents a proven business model that you can start monetizing right here, right now.

We currently are able to get GMBS for the following geographic locations: United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, and some European countries. We have different rates for GMBS in other locations.

Frequently Asked Questions

Cost would be

$250 per GMB

for Bulk Orders Discounts would be provided.